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Decorative Accents

  • Big Medicine

    Big Medicine

    Big Medicine In 1933, a sacred white buffalo born on Montana's Flathead Indian Reservation was called "Big Medicine" to honor his sacred power. A white bison occurs once in every 10 million births. The White Buffalo's...

  • Couch Pony Black Grey Red

    Couch Pony Black Grey Red

    Couch Pony, Large, Soft Sculpture, Pendleton Blanket Fabric, 82% Wool, 18% Cotton, Hand Made By Oakmare.     Fill: 100% Polyester. Spot Clean.

  • Little Piggie

    Little Piggie

    Little Piggie, Soft Sculpture, Made with Pendleton Fabric, Handmade by Cheryl Schuyler

  • Naskan Saddle Blanket

    Naskan Saddle Blanket

    NASKAN SADDLE BLANKET Johano-ai, the Navajo sun god, begins his day in the eats and rides one of his five horses across the sky to his post in the west while dragging his shinning, golden orb -the sun. As his horses gallops...

  • Pathway


    Pathway  Pawnee/Yakama artist Bunky Echo- Hawk saturates his modern design with traditional Pawnee symbology. Red, white, yellow, and black signify the four races of humankind, the four stages of life, the...

  • Shared Spirits

    Shared Spirits

    SHARED SPIRITS This design  celebrate the commonalities of all Native American tribes. The Sun, Moon, Stars and Rain clouds represent an honored relationship with the spiritual world of the cosmos. The dynamic central...

  • Shelter Bay

    Shelter Bay

    Shelter Bay  Shelter Bay sits in the upper corner of the Pacific Northwest, where the North Fork of the Skagit River empties into Washington State's Puget Sound. This place of teeming waters and temperate weather...