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American Indian College Fund

  • Butterfly Blanket

    Butterfly Blanket

    BUTTERFLY BLANKET Lakota leader Sitting Bull worked tirelessly for Native American rights. Sitting Bull College on Standing Rocks Reservation memorializes his efforts  _and demonstrates the American Indian College...

  • Eagle "Saddle" Blanket - by Pendleton

    Eagle "Saddle" Blanket - by Pendleton

    Eagle Saddle Blanket - by Pendleton Woolen Mills The Eagle Saddle Blanket is USA-made of 82% Pure Virgin Wool and 18% premium Cotton. The distinctive design is based on the story of the Eagle, the Elk and the Warrior,...

  • Earth Blanket

    Earth Blanket

    EARTH BLANKET From 1896 to 1930. Edward S. Curtis created an invaluable photographic and written record of every major Indian Tribe West of the Mississippi. This Blanket, a tribute to the man, is inspired by a design...

  • Future of the Plains

    Future of the Plains

    FUTURE OF THE PLAINS BLANKET  Plains Indian art is complex and beautiful, simple and emotional. blanket design elements come from Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull's ledger drawings:horses and their tracks represent...

  • Gift of the Earth Blanket by Pendleton

    Gift of the Earth Blanket by Pendleton

    Gift of the Earth Blanket by Pendleton. 64" x 80". 82% Wool, 18% Cotton. Dry Clean. Made in the USA.

  • Naskan Saddle Blanket

    Naskan Saddle Blanket

    NASKAN SADDLE BLANKET Johano-ai, the Navajo sun god, begins his day in the eats and rides one of his five horses across the sky to his post in the west while dragging his shinning, golden orb -the sun. As his horses gallops...

  • Pathway


    Pathway  Pawnee/Yakama artist Bunky Echo- Hawk saturates his modern design with traditional Pawnee symbology. Red, white, yellow, and black signify the four races of humankind, the four stages of life, the...

  • Raven and The Box of Knowledge by Pendleton

    Raven and The Box of Knowledge by Pendleton

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